Moving Up Arkansas
June 5, 2016-June 18, 2016
Arkansas Tech University
Russellville, AR 


  PASS Course   Description 
English   9 – 1st semester Myths, Short stories, Tales, Legends, The Diary of Anne Frank, The Old man and the Sea, Poetry and Nonfiction (IA)
English   9 – 2nd semester Short stories, A Raisin in the Sun, The House on Mango Street, Poetry, Nonfiction (IB)

English 10 – 1st semester Short stories, The Miracle, Worker, The Pearl, Poetry and The Newspapers (IIA)

English 10 – 2nd semester     Short stories, Antigone, The Good Earth, Poetry, and Essays (IIB)

English I1 – 1st semester Short stories, Our Town, To Kill a Mockingbird, Poetry, Style and Nonfiction (IIIA)

English 11 – 2nd semester Short stories, Death of a Salesman, Huck Finn, Poetry, Nonfiction (IIIB)
 English 12 – 1st semester Short stories, Macbeth, Animal Farm, Continuing your Education, Research Paper (IVA)
English 12 – 2nd semester Short stories, Pygmalion, Lord of the Flies, Poetry, Nonfiction, Essays (IVB)
Creative Writing          A new elective Language Arts Course
Algebra 1A Each unit teaches concepts and strategies that are recommended for beginning algebra.  The units include: foundations, measurement and mathematical reasoning, algebraic expressions, factoring, and equations. (Correlated to Arkansas Mathematic Goals and NCTM Standards)
Algebra IB Each unit teaches concepts and strategies that are recommended for beginning algebra.  The units include: basic graphing, how to write and graph inequalities and absolute values, second-degree equations or conic sentences, equations with two and three variable, and study probability and statistics. (Correlated to Arkansas Mathematic Goals and the NCTM Standards)
 IA Geometry A is similar to algebra in the many ways that all branches of mathematics are similar, but is more visual.  The units include: foundations; congruence; perimeter, area, and volume; properties of common geometric shapes; and properties of common geometric shapes.  (Correlated to Arkansas Mathematic Goals and NCTM Standards)
Personal Finance Earnings and Taxes, Dealing With Money, Budgeting and Credit, Housing Cost, Smart Shopping.  (adopted  7 – 2007)

Environmental Science A -Ecosystem Structure, Ecosystem Function, Natural Populations, Biome, and Human Populations (adopted 7-2005)
 Environmental Science B - Energy, Atmosphere, Water, Land, and Past, Present, Future. (adopted 7-2005)

Health Personal health, Family health, nutrition, mental health, diseases.  Discusses the misuse of drugs, the human reproductive system, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases.  Parental consent is required for this course. (adopted 7 - 2003)

 Economics Five units of academic study that include: Fundamentals of Economics; Supply, Demand and  Prices; Business and Government; Employment and Money; and Global Economics.
US Government Units include: Birth of American Democracy, US Constitution, Separation of Powers, Citizenship and Politics, and Public Policy.  (Updated 2004)
U.S. History A Prehistory to 1896.  (Updated 11-30-03)
U.S. History B 1898 to present. (Adopted June 2008)

World History A Ancient History to the Industrial Revolution.  2 credit  (Adopted June 2008)
World History B Age of Imperialism to the Present.  2 credit

World Geography 
Physical, cultural aspects of people of the world, map skills, globe skills, career awareness, variations of geographic regions of the world. (Adopted June 200
 *Each course is 2 credit or one semester's work.
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